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About is an Interactive Digital Map of Global Theatre and Performance Festivals developed by, a global theatre portal. With hundreds of festivals browsable and searchable by festival location, type, and date, Performap is the first extensive digital index of its kind in the field, built expressly for artists, audiences, critics, scholars, festival organizers, curators, and presenters from around the world. Performap also includes reports written by local writers and traveling reporters published by The Theatre Times


Festivals of theatre and performance are hotbeds of creativity, experimentation, cross pollination, and virtuosity; they are platforms for artists at the forefront of their fields; and, because of the rapid timelines and compact scales of festival production, they are also stunning snapshots of the field’s current concerns. But so often they fly under the radar, gems hidden in the off-season or somewhere beneath the main season, familiar only to—and expected only by—locals and insiders, and out of reach to anyone who doesn’t keep a finger tight on the pulse of theatre. Performap, a web and mobile catalogue of international theatre and performance festivals, is envisioned as a counterbalance to this tendency of festival culture towards closure.

As a festivals-only listing, Performap participates directly in the activity of the theatre and performance industry. Designed to drive online traffic to the individual festival websites themselves for more detailed information and ticket purchases, Performap is a highly visible and reliable node in the festival ecosystem—not a destination but a well-trodden intersection. At the same time, Performap also enables quantitative analysis of that very industry. Its primary purpose is to facilitate real-time access to festivals worldwide - ideally by increasing public awareness and ticket sales - but it also articulates the contours of festival circuitry through the collection and organization of measurable data. This data is open access: anyone has permission to use its digital archive, run quantitative analyses, and create visualizations, maps, and models of its contents. Performap is an invaluable resource for scholastic, journalistic, and management research on theatre and performance festivals worldwide. Scholars specializing in theater and performance studies, anthropology, sociology, economics, and urban planning will find it particularly useful. With searchable and numerable entries, Performap makes it possible to construct, describe, access, and cite a recorded history of the festival circuit; to analyze the festival ecosystem in terms of quantifiable data, particularly alongside pre-existing numbers for attendance, city population, and ticket revenue; and to discern trends in particular cities’ capacities to host various types of theater and performance.

Performap is part of TheTheatre mission to build an interconnected global network of theatre professionals and institutions. Since its launch in November 2016, has published over 3,000 articles covering theatre in 90 countries and regions. With 30 thematic sections, more than 150 Regional Managing Editors, over 50 media partners around the world, and 60,000+ followers on social media, The Theatre Times has grown to be the most far-reaching and comprehensive global theatre portal today.

Performap was developed with funding from the Yale Digital Humanities Lab and an LMDA Innovation Grant.


With special thanks to Veera Bhadra, Zhe Pan, Nicole Miller Marks, Franci Virgili, Sophie Ye, Allison Newey, and Blanca Villanueva.

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