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Festival d’Avignon

Festival d’Avignon

The Festival successfully brings together a general public and international creation for an original alliance. Avignon is also a state of mind: the city is an open-air forum where festival-goers discuss the shows and share their experiences as spectators. For a month, everyone can have access to a contemporary and living culture.



Festival Reviews and Reports:


Classes D’art Du Festival D’avignon Online: Season # 1


Avignon Festival 2019: “L’amour Vainqueur”

Avignon 2019 – “Outwitting The Devil”: A Mesmerizing Dance And An Hypnotic Experience Created By Akram Khan

Avignon 2019: “Outside” – Between Testimony And Political Provocation

Avignon 2019: “The Rest Will Be Familiar To You From Cinema” As Told By The Chorus From The Banlieu

Avignon 2019: Irène Bonnaud’s Amité And The Lessons In Juicy Comedy, Delicious Acting And Humanity Of Being

Avignon 2019: Imagining Two Plays That Embody The Ghosts Of Europe. “Dévotion” And “Nous L’europe”

Avignon 2019: “Architecture” – Between History And Philosophy

Avignon 2019: Staging The Impossible. On Exile, Community And Hope In Christiane Jatahy’s “Le Présent Qui Déborde – Notre Odyssée Ii”

Avignon 2019: In Search Of Multiple Selves: “Multiple-s” By Salia Sanou And “Oskara” By Kukai Dantza

Avignon 2019: Seeking Truth: On History, Memory And Fiction In Alexandra Badea’s Points De Non-retour [Quais De Seine]

Avignon 2019: Reading The Open Ending Of “Sous D’autres Cieux” (“Under Different Skies”)


Avignon: Symphonies Of Pain Part I – Dorothée Munyaneza’s “Unwanted”


“Hearing” Iranian Play, Performed At 2016 Festival D’avignon

Angelica Liddell Returns To Avignon For The 70th Edition Of The Festival


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