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Kunstenfestivaldesarts is an international arts festival dedicated to contemporary theatre, performance and dance. It occasionally also opens itself to film and visual arts. It is the live character of these disciplines that brings them all together. The festival explores hybrid and unconventional forms, and always addresses these fundamental questions: what can live on stage mean today? Who is represented? And who’s watching, who’s experiencing this live moment?



Festival Reviews and Reports:


The International Online Theatre Festival Is Extended Until May 31, Additing Eleven New Productions

Love, Labor, Loop: (Object’s) Life According To Geumhyung Jeong

Arde Brillante En Los Bosques De La Noche (Burning Bright In The Forest Of The Night)


Building Bridges To Bangkok Through Stage

Dancer Of The Year And Dancer Of The Year Shop

The Naked Archivist: Tradition In The Work Of Performance Artist Pichet Klunchun

Thinking Out Loud


Playful Dogmatism: Milo Rau And Joachim Ben Yakoub In Conversation

Between Body And Object

Kyoto As A Stage For World Theatre – An Interview With Kyoto Experiment Program Director Yusuke Hashimoto

The Tiger And The Anus: How KFDA Decolonises Cosmopolitanism

“Deep Present” – Jisun Kim Stages Four Artificial Intelligences

“Five Easy Pieces”: Milo Rau’s Extraordinary Work About Child Murderer


Big Bang: “Germinal” Creates A Universe Out Of Nothing On Stage

The Documentary Doubles Of Milo Rau

“In What Time Do We Live?” Time And Distance In The Work Of Toshiki Okada


“Hearing” Iranian Play, Performed At 2016 Festival D’avignon