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International Theatre Festival KONTAKT has been organized by Wilam Horzyca Theater since 1991. KONTAKT enabled to review and promote the most interesting theatrical events from the countries of Central and Eastern Europe and their confrontation with theatres from Western Europe KONTAKT became a mediator of multinational, sometimes uneasy agreements in the new reality.
As part of the KONTAKT, accompanying events are held – art exhibitions, film projections and concerts. The performances are accompanied by meetings with artists, which are a very important element of the festival. The festival KONTAKT is a competition, the participating performances are assessed by an international jury which awards three top festival prizes. There is also the possibility of funding awards by individuals, institutions and companies.

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Founded in 1985 by Marie-Hélène Falcon and Jacques Vézina, the Theatre Festival of the Americas became in 2007 the Festival TransAmériques, an annual event co-directed by artistic director Martin Faucher and administrative director David Lavoie.

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PlayFest is a community performance festival held on selected evenings during the Conference in various locations across Omaha. PlayFest examines how theatre is produced, its connection to society and what new designs are possible. Performances take on a variety of forms from devised theatre and movement work created by local and national artists, to full-length plays highlighting the work of honored and featured guests, to Neighborhood Tapestries, a celebration of local stories, music, art and community. The goal of PlayFest is to paint a diverse and vibrant portrait of the city, create a chance for friends and neighbors to interact, and be a catalyst for a dialogue within the community about the stories that affect our lives.

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The Chekhov International Theatre Festival was established by the International Confederation of Theatre Associations. The First Festival was held in 1992. In the 25 years of its history the Festival has been undergoing considerable changes while still trying to become a joyful and longed for event for all those who love theatre.
‘Art theatre for everyone’, a motto by Giorgio Strehler, the famous Italian director, remains abiding and actual for the Chekhov Festival. Our main idea is continually widening the audience, making theatre be longed for by the people of different background, and before all – the thinking part of our society who has always been attracted by the theatre throughout the history. We try to organize the program of the festivals to be accessible for everyone and somewhat elitist too. And it is also important that theatre professionals could find within the Festival what is necessary for them, for they could feel like part of the world theatre process.

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The “Theatre Confrontations” in Opole are Poland’s most important review of classical Polish drama on stage. The festival provides a taste of the various approaches taken in staging texts belonging to the canon of Polish dramatic literature. During each year’s festival proponents of the faithful reconstruction of classic plays confront those who favour production approaches that update, enliven and reinterpret these texts.

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One of the oldest professional theatre festivals in the country where the most interesting and important plays of the previous season made in Poland and Europe are presented. The main objective of the event is to confront the most remarkable Polish and European plays; however, the program is interdisciplinary and, apart from plays, it offers numerous side activities, such as discussion panels with the participation of Polish and international guests, exhibitions, and concerts. The jury of the festival is the audience who selects the Best Actress, Best Actor, and Best Play.

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Theatre Olympics is an international theatre festival that runs every few years in different locations and presents the greatest theatre achievements around the globe. Theatre Olympics 2019 is a large scale international festival, a venue for development of global theatre integration and dialogue between theatre professionals from around the world. The festival program includes performances by best foreign theatres and national theatres from various Russian regions, as well as lectures and workshops by leading theatre figures. With Saint Petersburg as its main host city, the Theatre Olympics runs from March to December 2019.

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International Divine Comedy Theatre Festival gives a chance to see, in a matter of just one week, some of the most intriguing plays of the season from theatres throughout the country.
Divine Comedy is a theatre holiday where the best Polish shows are presented in the true Polish showcase. Apart from Polish shows, competing for the best show of the year title and the Divine Comedian prize, there are also foreign theatre groups, and meetings with philosophers, theatre theoreticians, and critics that accompany the festival.

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Broadway Bound Theatre Festival was co-founded over coffee in 2016 by Lenore Skomal, Rick Sayers, Abby Judd and Melissa Gordon. Their goal was to create a theatrical celebration of the highest standard which truly valued the playwrights and their work whilst setting a new bar for other indie-festivals. BBTF’s inaugural year saw 20 playwrights develop, hone and produce their new works for a total audience of thousands.

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  • International Theatre Festival KONTAKT

    International Theatre Festival KONTAKT

    June , Toruń, Poland

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  • FTA – The Theatre Festival of the Americas

    FTA – The Theatre Festival of the Americas

    May , Montreal, Quebec, Canada

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  • Great Plains Theatre Conference PlayFest

    Great Plains Theatre Conference PlayFest

    May , Omaha, Nebraska, United States

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  • Chekhov International Festival in Moscow

    Chekhov International Festival in Moscow

    May , Moscow, Russia

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  • The Opole Theatre Confrontations “Polish Classics”

    The Opole Theatre Confrontations “Polish Classics”

    April , Opole, Poland

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  • International Festival of Plays Pleasant and Unpleasant

    International Festival of Plays Pleasant and Unpleasant

    March , Łódź, Poland

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  • Theatre Olympics 2019

    Theatre Olympics 2019

    March , Alexandrinsky Theatre, Ostrovsky Square 6, Saint Petersburg, Russia

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  • International Divine Comedy Theatre Festival

    International Divine Comedy Theatre Festival

    December , Kraków, Poland

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  • Broadway Bound Theatre Festival

    Broadway Bound Theatre Festival

    August , New York, United States

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