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International Theatre Festival of Kerala

International Theatre Festival of Kerala

ITFoK will mobilise ‘forms’ to stage this transitive contemporary. It will seek to reflect upon the state of democracy, call attention to alternative voices, and propose different futures or ways to remember. In this spirit, all kinds of performative works are welcome – proscenium plays, performance-readings, live art, promenade theatre, follow-art, site-specific theatre, game-narratives, endurance-art, documentary-theatre, intimate-plays, lecture performances, flash-drama, theatre-on-the-internet, or any other work that experiments with participation, interaction, and the political urgency of live art forms. The intention is to employ the theatric to form a community of interest, to imagine new geographies of space, of body, and of the mind. ITFOK will imagine our theatre as a deep, horizontal comradeship.



Festival Reviews and Reports:


Theatreperson Phillip Zarrilli On Adopting And Adapting Intercultural Techniques In His Teachings And Works


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