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THE KO FESTIVAL OF PERFORMANCE, is a festival of ideas — where the only certainty is surprise. Our performances value diversity, authenticity, and are curated to incite curiosity and to provoke compelling conversations with global, national local, and personal resonances.

Each summer we present 5 weeks of original, devised work. The season is curated on a theme and lively discussions follow the performances and provide opportunities for civic dialogue. We also offer a Story Slam, and often the METTAWEE RIVER THEATER COMPANY’s all-ages outdoor event with masks, puppets & live music plus:

*A unique array of 6-day workshops
*Facilitated discussions and lobby displays that contextualize the ideas presented in each piece in an effort to engender inter-audience/artist exchange.
*Rehearsal residencies where individual artists or ensembles can develop new work
*Internships for college students and young theater professionals, and adult theater-makers wanting to recharge and retrain.
*We often include an interactive installation so that all may contribute to the thematic thinking.

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Produced by Dell’Arte International in Blue Lake, CA, this month-long festival includes mainstage theatre, cabaret, music, storytelling, and original work.
The Festival mainly features the work of the Dell’Arte Company, and includes a one-week music festival hosted by the Humboldt Folklife Society. An outdoor theatre seating 400, an indoor theatre seating 114, and a gospel tent are the three venues of this festival.

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ITFoK will mobilise ‘forms’ to stage this transitive contemporary. It will seek to reflect upon the state of democracy, call attention to alternative voices, and propose different futures or ways to remember. In this spirit, all kinds of performative works are welcome – proscenium plays, performance-readings, live art, promenade theatre, follow-art, site-specific theatre, game-narratives, endurance-art, documentary-theatre, intimate-plays, lecture performances, flash-drama, theatre-on-the-internet, or any other work that experiments with participation, interaction, and the political urgency of live art forms. The intention is to employ the theatric to form a community of interest, to imagine new geographies of space, of body, and of the mind. ITFOK will imagine our theatre as a deep, horizontal comradeship.

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Dublin Fringe Festival is a platform for the best new, emerging Irish arts companies and a showcase for the finest international contemporary performing arts. For artists, Fringe facilitates opportunities to innovate, to cross boundaries and strengthen the conditions in which they work. For audiences, Fringe is the place to discover meaningful, exciting and unforgettable cultural experiences.



Festival Reviews and Reports:


Dublin Fringe Festival 2019: Women In Flux


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The CHANGE was born with the intention of spreading through theaters, squares, streets, creating a greater approximation of the public with its urban spaces, and thus, a greater dialogue between the Theater and the City.

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The Vrystaat Arts Festival • Tsa-Botjhaba is an Afrikaans language festival that forges creative connections with English and Sotho cultures. We contribute to the exchange of ideas around arts, culture and society through connections with other national and international creative communities.

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The multidisciplinary Galway International Arts Festival takes place each July in Galway, Ireland and covers a range of art forms. In 2018, The Guardian named the festival as one of the Top 5 Summer Festivals in Europe.

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  • The Ko Festival of Performance

    The Ko Festival of Performance

    July , Amherst, Massachusetts

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  • Mad River Festival

    Mad River Festival

    June , Blue Lake, California, United States

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  • International Theatre Festival of Kerala

    International Theatre Festival of Kerala

    January , Kerala, India

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  • Dublin Fringe Festival

    Dublin Fringe Festival

    September , Dublin, Ireland

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  • Câmbio Festival Recife

    Câmbio Festival Recife

    September , Brazil, South America

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  • Vrystaat Arts Festival

    Vrystaat Arts Festival

    July , Vrystaat, South Africa, Africa

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  • Galway International Arts Festival

    Galway International Arts Festival

    July , Galway, Ireland

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